Custom Software

Increase your productivity with custom automation software tailored specifically to your business.


At Feldman IT Solutions, we believe that you should not be a slave to the software that you use. We design software so that you spend less time changing how you work and spend more time actually doing what needs to be done.

We all know that we are most productive when our time is being used effectively, and that is a major goal at Feldman IT Solutions. Our custom software automates business activities so that customers can save time and money. Many companies operate inefficiently, and at Feldman IT Solutions we can analyze and identify the best ways to improve workflow.

Here are some examples of software we have written and how much time it has saved our customers:

Saved 5 man-years: Reverse-engineered an End of Life proprietary document storage system and automated migration to another storage system.

Saves 1-2 man-weeks per quarter: Interfaced with proprietary portfolio management and accounting software to automate and customize quarterly report generation.

IT Policy

Proactively protect your business with our IT policy creation or analysis.

Ensure compliance with IT policy audits.


Your time and resources are valuable, and you need to be focused on what's most critical to your business. There are many complex issues regarding interactions with computers, and often companies are not aware of these issues even when they have already been compromised. In the news, we frequently hear about massive data breaches and long periods of time before the problem is discovered. We wonder how many organizations are even aware that they have an issue! Organizations must be prepared for a huge host of scenarios, from disasters and hackers, to the activities of their own employees on their computers.

At Feldman IT Solutions, we take the time to analyze your business and how it operates so that we can propose comprehensive IT policy to mitigate threats to your business and ensure that you can stay focused on what matters most to you. Already have some policies in place? We can analyze your current policy to identify weaknesses or ensure that your policies help you remain compliant with regulatory bodies. Additionally, we can assist in auditing your organization to ensure compliance with your policies, keeping you secure.


Receive recommendations regarding IT decision making.

Resolve issues of any scale, from IT infrastructure to malfunctioning machines.


Feldman IT Solutions is available with just a phone call or an email. You will have access to our highly trained consultants should the need arise, and we understand that response times are critical when you have technology issues.