Our Company

Feldman IT Solutions delivers unrivaled technology solutions for small to medium businesses. We strive to make information technology customer-friendly and to provide prompt and reliable service. We want our clients to feel confident that our services will help them reach their goals. Our team seeks to continually learn and expand our expertise through certifications and by being well-versed in the field of IT and related technologies.

Our Team

Adam Feldman is the founder and President of Feldman IT Solutions and has worked in IT both from a programming and a systems perspective. Adam has worked successfully on a wide breadth of projects ranging from Linux kernel modules to penetration testing and intrusion detection systems. In his spare time, Adam loves experimenting with various network technologies and software configurations on his Gentoo Linux server, as well as volunteering help in the Gentoo IRC channel.

Adam graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in Computer Science. He holds multiple industry certifications including CompTIA A+ and CNSS 4011.


Adam Feldman's Photo